A downloadable Platformer for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You are a mountaineer attempting the Ascent! It is a difficult, short and sweet 20 to 45 minute experience. Enjoy!

P.S. This is my first full game so it might have some (hopefully small) bugs. Sound might be a little funky as well :)

Install instructions

Just extract all (a.k.a. unzip) from the folder and then open the file with the colorful icon.


Ascent Windows Version 12 MB
Ascent Mac Version 27 MB
Ascent Linux Version 28 MB


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Really cool game bro, took me more than I'd like to admit haha. Little question, how did you implement the wall jumping mechanic?

This game is amazing, you should all play this. wow.

There have been some complaints about the controls and so a few adjustments to have been made. Hopefully this helps!


I feel like you slide down too quickly when trying to wall jump.


It sucks.

Ur a loser bud

I meant man not mine

Super awesome game mine! You are a pro!

Thanks man!

Haha! Well you werent kidding about it being difficult.

Thanks for the comment! If enough people say it is too difficult I might make it a little easier. What part did you get stuck on or did you beat the game?